Stoner Mesa Trail

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The Stoner Mesa trail is 11.4 miles long. It begins at Forest Road 535 – W. Dolores Rd. and ends at Forest Road 686 – Stoner Mesa Rd. The trail is open for the following uses: Hiking, Backpacking, Horseback Riding, Motorcycle Trail Riding

Stoner Mesa #624 – 11.4 miles in length; trailhead is located on the West Dolores Road #535 at the Lower Stoner Trailhead. The trail begins once you cross the West Dolores River via a footbridge. The trail climbs Stoner Mesa with a series of switch backs until you reach the top of the mesa. The trail wanders through aspen forests and open meadows. The upper end turns into ponderosa pine and eventually you end up in a spruce-fir zone with views of Nipple Mountain and the mesa country to the west and east. The trail merges with the Stoner Mesa Road #686 where you can leave a shuttle vehicle and end your journey here.

Another option is to continue past the Stoner Mesa Road until the trail intersects with the Twin Springs trails. These trails can offer a short loop (2.4 miles if combined) or provide alternative access to the Stoner Creek and Spring Creek trails.

General Notes:

Stoner Mesa Trail (FST 624) and Stoner Creek Trail (FST 625)

Starting elevation: 7,560 ft. (Lower Stoner Trailhead)
Ending elevation: 11,650 ft. (Calico Trail)
Trail length one way: 17.5 mi.
Maps: See Map 1— North of Dolores (link above), SJNF map, USGS 7½’ maps: Stoner, Nipple Mountain, Clyde Lake, Rico.
Difficulty: Moderate to difficult.

The Stoner Mesa Trail (#624) starts across the West Fork of the Dolores River from the Lower Stoner Trailhead on the West Fork Road (FDR 535), about three miles from the Highway 145 turnoff. The trail immediately climbs the mesa side and tops out at 8,700 ft. within the first two miles. It then climbs steadily northeast for ten miles, where it meets the Twin Springs Trail (#739) at Twin Springs. At this point you are above 9,800 ft. and you can choose to go over the top of the mountain ahead on the Stoner Mesa Trail or you can skirt the mountain to the east and join the Stoner Creek Trail. The Stoner Mesa Trail continues 2.5 miles, over the mountain and back down to a valley. Then it’s a fairly steep climb for almost three miles to an elevation of 11,600 ft., where you circle 12,113-ft. Eagle Peak and arrive at the Calico Trail (#641) crossing between Eagle Peak and Calico Peak.

The Stoner Creek Trail (#625) breaks away from the Stoner Mesa Trail at Twin Springs and drops into Stoner Canyon. It is not recommended to go beyond the junction with the Spring Creek Trail, which is 1¼ miles down the trail once you reach the bottom of Stoner Creek. The lower Stoner Creek Trail is not maintained, and there is no outlet across private land at the bottom end.


  • Trail Measurement: 11.4 Miles
  • Compass Latitude: 374059N
  • Compass Longitude: 1081332W
  • Numeric Latitude: 37.6830494
  • Numeric Longitude: -108.2256358
  • Elevation in Meters: 2,304 to 2,652
  • Elevation in Feet: 7,560 to 8,700

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  • Trail Location
  • Trail Measurement
    11.4 Miles
  • Compass Latitude
  • Compass Longitude
  • Numeric Latitude
  • Numeric Longitude
  • Elevation in Feet
    7,560 to 8,700
  • Elevation in Meters
    2,304 to 2,652
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