Roubideau Trail

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Roubideau Trail Section – Divide Road to 25 Mesa

  • Distance:  21.3 miles
  • Rating:  Very Difficult

This trail section is one of the most challenging, negotiating 15 drainages.  Criswell, Potter, and Monitor Canyons are the deepest.  Descents are “white knuckle” affairs and ascents are steep, requiring portage.  The section begins as the rider turns right onto E. Bull Road.  Follow the dirt road and bear right until Gray’s Cow camp is reached at mile 28.7.  Roubideau Pack Trail No. 105 merges with the road at this point and the trail continues along a two-track.

The trail quickly climbs, then descends steadily until at mile 31.1 the Roubideau Trail and Coalbank Trail intersection is reached.  The next 13 miles are rugged and intersected by a maze of 4WD roads, so keep your topo map handy.  The trail turns left and crosses East Bull Creek at mile 32.5.  At mile 33.3, the two-track merges with a logging road.  Bear left, then cross Beach Creek at mile 33.5.  Continue to follow the logging road to Long Creek at mile 34.3.  The trail takes a hard, steep right turn just across Long Creek.  The Payne Mesa Road intersection is at mile 35.3.  Continue straight ahead.  One of the highlights of this section is its variety of vegetation and wildlife.  Aspen, spruce, fir, ponderosa pine, scrub oak, sagebrush, and several riparian species are well represented along the trail.  Deer, elk, bear, mountain lion, wild turkey, and blue grouse have all been seen along the trail.

On Traver Mesa, the trail intersects Traver Trail at mile 36.9.  It bears right, then left to the rim of Criswell Canyon at mile 39.4.  The trail along Criswell Canyon is a single track.  Once on the west rim of Criswell Canyon, the trail bears left and immediately turns right, and continues straight through an intersection to 7N Mesa at mile 40.7.  The trail continues across 7N Mesa and onto the east rim of Potter Canyon at mile 41.4.  Cross Potter Canyon to Monitor Mesa at mile 44.2.  Negotiate Monitor Creek and gain the east rim of 25 Mesa at mile 45.2.  Continue another 0.3 miles and turn left onto a single track that circumvents private land.  At mile 45.7, go over a fence crossing and ride to the Delta-Nucla Road at mile 47.7.  Turn right at the Delta-Nucla Road and continue to its intersection with Cottonwood Road at mile 49.


  • Trail Measurement: 21.3 Miles
  • Compass Latitude: 382524N
  • Compass Longitude: 1081508W
  • Numeric Latitude: 38.423321
  • Numeric Longitude: -108.252301
  • Elevation in Meters: 3000
  • Elevation in Feet: 9841

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