Greyrock Trail

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Greyrock Trail #946/Greyrock Meadows Trail #947

The trail gently rises for ¾ mile then divides. The left branch, Meadows Trail (#947), is the slightly less strenuous but longer, and rejoins the main trail about 2.6 miles later. The right main branch turns uphill for 1.7 miles where it meets the upper end of the Meadows Trail. From the upper junction an additional ¾ mile climb leads to the summit. Trailhead signs warn of Giardia in the water and poison ivy growing along the trails of Greyrock. Greyrock trailhead accommodates approximately 39 vehicles.

Usage: Heavy
Restrictions: Trail Regulations: Dogs must be on a hand held leash. No motorized or mechanized equipment. Horses and stock are prohibited. Camps and fires at least 200 feet from water and trail. Shooting is prohibited unless hunting.
Closest Towns: Fort Collins
Water: None
Restroom: Practice Leave No Trace principles.

Directions: Travel 11 miles northwest of Fort Collins on U.S. Highway 287 to Colorado Highway 14. Turn left on CO 14, and travel 9 miles to the Greyrock parking lot on the south side of the road. Steps lead down to the road and a footbridge across the river to the trailhead.

Day Hiking and Backpacking

Built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corp, the Greyrock Trail has been designated a National Recreation Trail. The proximity to Fort Collins makes this a heavily used trail year-round. Part way up the trail you may choose between the Summit and Meadow Trails to the top. Either way you will find the trails rocky with frequent step ascents and descents. Carry a map, compass, and plenty of water, as water sources contain Giardia. Poison Ivy is common along the trail. Once you reach the top, you may gaze out to the eastern plains and see high peaks in the other direction. Greyrock trailhead accommodates approximately 39 vehicles.

Fire Information Check for any seasonal fire restrictions before your hike. Campfires must be at least 200 feet from water and trails. You may collect dead and down wood; do not break branches from standing trees for firewood. Please attend to campfires at all times. Touch any remaining coals with the bare hand to insure campfire is cold and dead out. Remember, if it is too hot to touch, it is too hot to leave!
Difficulty Level: Most Difficult
Area/Length :
Trail #946 3.1 miles one-way
Trail #947 2.6 miles one-way

Latitude : 40.695008
Longitude : -105.283327

Elevation :
Beginning Elevation: Trail #946 5,580′
Peak Elevation: Trail # 946 7,480′

Beginning Elevation: Trail # 947 5,840′
Peak Elevation: Trail # 947 7,050′


  • Trail Measurement: 3.1 Miles One Way
  • Compass Latitude: 404202N
  • Compass Longitude: 1051745W
  • Numeric Latitude: 40.700537
  • Numeric Longitude: -105.2958184
  • Elevation in Meters: 1,700 to 2,280
  • Elevation in Feet: 5,580 to 7,480

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  • Trail Location
  • Trail Measurement
    3.1 Miles One Way
  • Compass Latitude
  • Compass Longitude
  • Numeric Latitude
  • Numeric Longitude
  • Elevation in Feet
    5,580 to 7,480
  • Elevation in Meters
    1,700 to 2,280
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